Solar deck lights to illuminate your yard


solar deck lights

Deck lights are a common feature for almost all decks as they allow you to enjoy the amenities of your deck during the darker hours and also provide a great way to showcase the beauty of your deck. As with most light sources though, normal deck lights cost money to run and, at the end of the day, they add to the cost of your energy bill. However, with solar deck lights, you can now have all the benefits of deck lights without the negative costs associated with typical light fixtures.


Using energy efficient LED bulbs, solar deck lights provide you will exceptional lightening while reducing your energy cost of your deck lights to zero. Using the sun to charge during the day to power itself at night, solar deck lights are immune to power outages and allow your home to stay lit during even the more ferocious of storms and darkest of nights.

Most solar deck lights are easy to set-up and move as they need to be able to be positioned to receive sunlight, making them flexible to be put wherever they are needed. Options like the solar light deck post caps also give you versatility to put solar lights in other places in your yard.


The largest negative of solar deck lights is the lack of choices available on the market. These types of lights are still a relatively new innovation but the good news is that the market is quickly growing. Another inconvenience is that due to the lights dependence on the sun to generate power, consistently cloudy and overcast weather may prevent the lights from fully charging and can lead to dimmer lighting.

As solar technology improves and homes become more and more green, solar deck lights as a fantastic place to start in reducing your energy bill.

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