Three unique ways to show your support for your favorite sports team


sports lanyard

Showing support for your favorite or local sports team is a fun way to socialize and have a good time. But are you tired of wearing your team’s basic hat or jersey? Are you stuck wearing a suit all day at work but want some way to show off your colors? Or maybe you don’t want to go all out like some of the more eccentric fans and just want a simple way to support your team. What ever your situation is, here are a couple quick and easy solutions to show your support for your favorite sports team.

Sports lanyard

Look in your pocket or purse right now. What’s in there? Chances are the first item you will dig out are your keys. Especially popular amongst college students, sports lanyards give you cheap and easy way to display your favorite team on an item that you see and use every day. Priced anywhere from $5 to $15, a colorful sports lanyard gives you the perfect way to support your team in the most simple way possible.

iPhone case

More and more companies are providing iPhone case designs and solutions to help stylize your mobile device, so why not pick up one with your favorite sports team? Companies like SkinIt have an extensive library of all the top college and professional sports teams, even including player and jersey designs. Make your plain, boring smart phone pop with these fun protective sports themed cases.


One of the lost collectables that most recent generation of sports fans have largely forgotten is the sports pin. Pins provide a unique way to show your support in that they are often collectable and can usually only be found in certain places and have limited production. Sports pins allow you to subtly add a bit of your team devotion to any outfit as they can easily be removed or pinned on to any piece of clothing.

Whether it’s pins, phone cases, or a sports lanyard, don’t be afraid to show off you passion with some team colors!

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