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taupe mens suits, 15l dress shirt

Small details may have changed over the years but the suit has basically remained the same. And the colors – dark or neutral colored suits have always been chosen as formal or business wear. But there are certain things that are considered sacred when it comes to a suit. Let me tell you what that is and what it takes to find the perfect suit:

Taupe mens suits

One thing has never changed and that is – the suit must have a good fit. A well-cut suit in the right color and fabric like high quality worsted wool is priceless. A black or a navy blue suit has always remained a favorite and why not? The colors are undeniably smart. They suit most people and they can be as dressy or as somber as you want them to be.

Another good choice is taupe. Men’s taupe suits should be wardrobe staples. Taupe comes somewhere between a gray and brown color and is classic and neat. It suits most formal or professional occasions.

You have to have a deep understanding about the most suitable style for you to make an impression. And the suit must be appropriate for the occasion. A double-breasted suit is timeless and does look great if you have a medium-tall, slim frame. But when a double-breasted jacket is tailored well at the waist, anybody can wear it and look good. Two-button, single breasted jackets are ideal all year through and as daily wear. Three-button suits are great for really tall men or when you wear it with a waistcoat.

taupe mens suits15l dress shirt

You can never go wrong with a simple, light-colored shirt and a dark tie. Crisp white is a perennial favorite and good for any weather. A shirt with a point collar and adjustable cuffs like the Nordstrom men dress shirt is a good choice. It’s wrinkle-free with a chest pocket and back pleats. Or you can go with Hugo slim-fit 15L dress shirt with a broad collar and adjustable single-button cuffs.

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