The benefits of Yoga


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It’s no secret that there are huge health benefits to incorporating yoga into your life. What’s wonderful is it’s not just exercise, but it’s also a psychological health benefit as well. Most exercising benefits everyone in some way but we’ll go over some of the physical changes that you can be sure to notice if you ever choose to do yoga.


This is probably the biggest benefit to practicing yoga. Because of the poses that you do in every session, you body will continually start to not only become leaner, but your flexibility will be a lot stronger. While this may not seem like such a huge benefit now, you may be underestimating how much flexibility is a part of our daily lives. Even something like reaching down to grab something you dropped and not feel like your body is completely tight. Before you’re about to start yoga, don’t forget to pick up organic cotton pant. It’s always important to not only wear cotton clothes while you’re exercising but even more importantly you need to wear clothes that allow you to move freely while in yoga.


At the beginning of yoga you always start out with simple poses. As you progress through your journey of becoming more of a yogi, you’ll notice a huge increase in your overall strength. This is because in the more challenging classes, they show and teach you more difficult poses, such as the Shoulder Stand. These require much more strength that when you initially started and hopefully your body has worked up to that and feels stronger because of it. You’ll feel yourself not only able to do the more difficult poses but able to do activities that you found harder before you started yoga.


Another key improvement to your overall health is an improvement to your posture. Because most of the poses that you start in, for example tadasana where you really feel your entire body supporting itself, it helps you understand how important it is to stand straight. Wearing some organic capris while in your yoga pose will help you relax and be as tranquil as the mountain you are trying to emulate.

Let us know if you enjoy yoga as much as we do! What’s your favorite yoga pose?

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