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crossbody book bags for girls, fossil mason

Something that I was never worried about while I was attending college was the bag that I used to hold all of my belongings in. As long as you have a reliable bag, then you’ll be set for some of the most important years of your life. We’ll go over some great choices for either you or someone you know that’s in college and what they might prefer to carry all of those books around with them.

Crossbody book bags for girls

One option that you should consider is picking up a messenger bag. What’s so wonderful about these bags is how versatile they are. Not only can they carry items like your laptop and binders, but notepads and textbooks as well. Because of their large size they’re perfect for carrying a large quantity of items. The other amazing thing about these bags is they can be easily accessed because they can simply be thrown over your shoulder. The history behind these amazing bags is one that we all recognize and that’s that they are commonly used by bicycle messengers. These have been used for centuries for people who deliver messages to others, mostly in large cities like New York and London.

Fossil Mason

Another great option for a college-going student is a mason bag. These bags are versatile too because they can carry any of the terms papers that you’re just about to turn in. If you use a bag made out of premium leather those will be guaranteed to last a longer amount of time as well. I found a backpack that I was able to use throughout my entire college career and it never failed me. IF you chose to get a bag made out of a canvas material then you’ll be able to have the  benefit of washing it as well.

What are some bag options that you chose for yourself?

Written by Jessamine Casia

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