What type of roller skates are right for you?


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First patented in 1760, roller skates have been a favorite recreational activity of Americans for generations. With spring in full swing and the summer on the horizon, it’s time to turn off those TVs and computer screens and head outside to enjoy skating around in the beautiful weather. But with all the different types of skates out there, which pair is right for you? Here is a quick guide to figuring out the perfect type of roller skates for your needs.

Indoor roller skates

As the most common roller skate, indoor skates are designed for your average user, making them ideal for roller rinks to use them as the standard rental skate. These skates have narrow wheels and high ankle support which allows for better balance and an easier skating experience. If you are new to skating, these are the roller skates for you.

Outdoor roller skates

The main feature that differentiates an outdoor skate from an indoor skate is the type of wheels. Outdoor roller skates tend to have softer wheels which give you a smoother ride on the rougher surfaces you find outside. Outdoor roller skates for girls are a great gift for any girl as they provide a fun and healthy outlet to be creative and expend some of that pent up energy.

Roller derby skates

Roller derby is a sport that most have heard of but is one that few understand. The roller skates necessary for this sport are made to be tough and take a lot of punishment. With a lower cut boot and wheels that are made for speed, items like these men’s roller derby skates are made for the veteran roller skater who is looking to maximize their speed and agility.

Inline skates

Popularly known as Rollerblades, inline skates differ from their quad-wheeled cousins in that the wheels are lined-up in a straight line rather than apart. Originally made to simulate ice skates, inline skates are more difficult to keep your balance on but do provide superior speed and agility. If playing roller hockey or long-distance skating is in your future, check out all the various types of skates that rollerblades have to offer.

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