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There are various bathroom accessories that one might consider to make one’s bathroom luxurious and elegant. These could be big and bold pieces like vanity, or beautiful ones like mirror or a painting. Yet another category would perhaps include more functional items such as a utility sink.  However there are other items that might appear small and simple, but need an equal amount of consideration since they contribute in giving that subtle touch of uplift and class to your bathroom. One such thing is towel holders for your bathroom.

Whether you go for standing towel holders or towel hangers, these are significant items required in every bathroom. Well, these can be availed in several styles and looks. Let us take a look at some of their styles and advantages here.

Free standing towel rack

This is a very functional, useful and stylish bathroom accessory. Typically free standing towel racks are used in areas where space is not a constraint. Towel holders of this type have a slightly more dramatic effect than other towel holder variations. Also, they are capable of providing good storage facilities for various towels and rags. These come in compact designs that are quite functional allowing for keeping the space well organized. There are several brands that cater to this category. You can check for Valson, Gatco, Herbeau and Lido series towel holder that come in various finishes and shapes. You can have them according to your bathroom space and décor.

Towel hangers

You can also go for towel hangers in case space is an issue for you. The three typical towel hangers are swivel bars, double holders, and standard towel rods. There is a little differance in each of them in terms of appearance and functionality. They are all mounted on the wall, so you don’t have to spare extra space for them. The swivel arm bar is moveable and enables the user to have full control of the rod. The double towel holder has two rods giving user an extra edge to keep another hand towel. The third type is the standard towel bar. This takes least of your bathroom space yet gives you an easy accessibility to your towel needs. It is fixed from both sides and you can place only a single towel on it.

All in all, whatever you choose, should be of good quality since this little accessory makes the most important item of your bathroom space. Check your bathroom space and go for the one that you deem fit.

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