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With the baseball season underway I bet most of you are on top of your game in your respective leagues. A few of you might be considering buying new gear this summer. Apart from your baseball bats, baseball cleats are a good area to invest in as they are extremely important.

When it comes to buying baseball cleats, the first thing you should do is find out what kinds of cleats are allowed. A few leagues do not allow metal cleats so it is always best to make sure. Cleats should also be bought based on surface type. Harder surface would require smaller studs while softer surfaces would require longer studs. If you aren’t sure about all this it is best to get yourself a shoe with removable cleats. The Nike Shox gamer plastic cleat/metal cleat is a great baseball cleat to have. This baseball cleat is one of the lightest ones around. The versatile construction of this cleat is designed for comfort in the field and around the bases. The synthetic leather upper ensures that it is light weight as well as comfortable. The midsole of this shoe is made from Phylon and features Nike’s Shox technology to give you a responsive as well as soft cushion feel. The Nine bladed metal/plastic cleats help for enhanced traction as well as give you that ability to make quick runs.

If you are looking for a more comfortable pair of cleats with better support then wide width baseball cleats would be your best bet. Among the wide width baseball cleats the Under Armour Yard 3 baseball cleats are one of the best ones around. This baseball cleat is all about giving you speed and power making you more explosive. The Yard 3 has a synthetic leather upper which is perforated to increase breathability and keep you comfortable. The outsole consists of rubber cleats which are strategically place to offer you great traction along with incredible response and balance.  These cleats are very well priced as well.


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