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14 inch diameter vessel sink, hammered vessel sink metal

Are you styling your house? In that case you will find that your bathroom sink options are way more than what it used to be. Gone are the days when a simple round sink was all that was on offering. Wall hung sinks, pedestal sinks, vanity mounted basins among several others are available in a plethora of ranges, colors among others. In fact did you realize that remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, the sink can be a budget conscious way to alter the look of your room?

When you are replacing your old sink, you must look into the following points to make the ideal decision.

  • The style of sink that suits the area best. In case of a kitchen you need to realize that the sink handles majority of the chores. Thus it needs to be a simple yet sturdy one. However there are a variety of types that you can get for the bathroom as well as the kitchen
  • The color that will best fit the décor is an important thing to look out for. I chose a hammered vessel sink metal for my snazzy bathroom since the smart look blended into the area very well
  • The size of the sink is a vital consideration to look into. Whether it be a 12 inch or 14 inch diameter vessel sink,  the dimensions need to be kept in mind
  • The material, style and design considerations need to be looked into as well. for example while stainless steel might be a must in the kitchen you can experiment with a material that looks good, wears well and fits within your budget.

Remember the frequency that you use the bathroom or the kitchen is an important consideration to keep in mind while deciding on the sink. Look into the above aspects and make the perfect replacement!

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