5 ways to look slim this summer


It’s summer! We all know what that means; late night early mornings at the gym, pool parties and Facebook photos overload of scantily clad friends enjoying the sun making us regret everything we devoured during Fall/Winter.
This is the time of year people are finally heading to the gym and watching what they eat. I’m sorry to deliver this but it’s too late! Summer is here already. Squats, portion control and subscribing to “Men’s Heath” or “Shape” magazine all will go in vain because by the time you see results Labor Day will be here marking the end of summer.
Getting fit is like staying abreast on current fashion trends: one must be a season ahead. Though, it may be too late to lose weight unfortunately, it’s never too late to look great.

Here are “5 Ways to Look Slim This Summer.”

1. Chop Your Food Not Your Body:

Stay away from fitted clothing, believe it or not tight fitting clothing sometimes just showcases problem areas. Remember belts, showing midriffs and ill fitting lengths only add to the problem of breaking up the body. These looks usually result in the dreaded ‘muffin top’. You should give a seamless look. No one wants to look disproportionate. Show off one or the other; if you’re going to show your legs then cover you arms and vice versa. Showcase your limbs to take away from the middle.

2. One Size Doesn’t Fit All:

Just because you can get into it do not mean wear it. I believe fitted clothing is the number one cause to looking big. Never go by the number or letter on the tag. Purchase items that fits and you feel comfortable in, like a simple cotton blouse. Who wants to look like a busted can of biscuits? If you are into vanity sizes then shop alone so you don’t have to lie to yourself or friends about the size you’re purchasing.

3. Frame Your Face:

Your summer secret weapons to looking thin are V-neck and boat neck shirts. These types of shirts helps elongate the face and showcase the neckline giving the illusion of a chiseled face. Same for your style of hair. Your haircut/style or edge-up plays an important factor in looking skinny. Round hairstyle make you look chubby. Go for something more sharp and structured.

4. Color Blocking:

This is a popular styling trend just remember; darker colors on the bigger parts of your body and lighter colors on the slimmer parts.

5. Stay Out the Drive-thru:

No cheat days, no over eating and no supersizing. You stay unhealthy eating empty calories.
Confidence is the best dieting secret and accessory. You feel great, you look great and when you look great you do great!
Enjoy your summer,
Bon Appetite.
For more thin tips & tale check out my lifestyle blog over at www.anorexicescapades.com

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