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Being eco-friendly and green is not as simple as buying a few organic products, but rather it a lifestyle choice that influences many of one’s habits and living choices. When choosing products that are advertised as “eco-friendly” it is important to be able to understand what exactly about the product makes it greener than its counterpart. So let’s take a look at one of the latest lines of organic products to claim supremacy over “non-organic” competitors: all natural shampoo and soap.


Led by brands such as Aubrey Organics, Organix, and male-foucsed American Crew, these organic shampoo companies have worked hard to make their customers aware of the benefits of natural ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and other natural oils and minerals. These natural ingredients are reported to moisturize and repair your hair without the use of harsh chemicals and alcohols that are found in more generic shampoos and soaps. Organic shampoos also have a softer smell that is milder than other more artificially scented products.


The first con that jumps out is the extra cost of organic shampoos. Prices for shampoos that are advertised as “organic” or something similar are typically price anywhere from $3 to $12 more than generic brands, so it is important to understand whether or not you are getting your money’s worth. The second problem with organic shampoos is that manufacturers are given a wide-berth when it comes to labeling their products as organic, meaning that the shampoo and natural handmade soap you are buying may not be as “natural” and “organic” as you think.

In the end, if choosing an all natural and organic shampoo is important to you, make sure you take a look at the label and ensure that 100% of the ingredients are indeed natural. So quit washing with all of those chemicals and additive riddled shampoos and soaps and pick up some of the organic kind.

Written by Asher Briggs

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