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kohler toilet wild rose, bone color toilet

A well furnished bathroom with right color scheme not only adds to the aesthetic sense of the space, it also adds on to its value. You could use several wonderful ideas to make your bathroom a perfect place of relaxation by using a balanced color scheme. Depending on the size and accessories you possess, you can use colors ranging from bold to subtle. You could also use a combination of two colors to balance the space. Here are a few  bathroom color ideas

Use of deep colors and light tones

If your bathroom is a small area, then do not color the walls in very dark shades. You could go for earthy tones or natural tones on three of your walls, while painting the fourth one in a brighter shade. For example if you want to paint your daughter’s bathroom, your color scheme could be like this. One of the colors of wall could be in maroon, while giving the other walls a subtle shade. You could also have accessories in pink. Get her Kohler toilet in wild rose with similar shade of bathroom curtain with splashes of maroon flowers here and there. The bathroom rug and smaller accessories like toothbrush holder could be in maroon while towels and pictures should have the subdued shade or lighter tones so as not to overwhelm the space.

Here are certain other colors that can make your bathroom have a livelier look. You can choose these colors according to your personal taste and choices.


Significant of “Larger than life”, blue is the most opted colors for the bathroom. It is the most inspirational color as nature has given it to its largest creations, namely, sky and water in the oceans. The coolness and openness of this color is perhaps one of the best options you can go for. You can combine a color toilet seat and other accessories in bone for an interesting look.


This is the most soothing color since nature itself enwraps itself in it. Your eyes will always feel relaxed if you have it in your bathroom. So you can give yourself a cooler and calmer environment.

Yellow to Orange Hues

If you are one of those persons who always look at the brighter side of life, then these are the colors for you. Your bathroom will be brighter than ever.


Peach infuses warmth with serenity. You can create a comfortable ambiance with this color. It also allows your bathroom to look bigger.

Adding color to your bathroom can make it lively as well as relaxing due to the existence of these colors in nature itself. So why no have a have a comfortable private retreat to enjoy each day.

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