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amethyst and garnet ring, diamond infinity ring


With summer coming in full bloom, it is time to showcase your lovely accessories. Indulging in some beautiful stones would also not be a bad idea. Rings always accent an outfit so well. Thus as a rule, I love to indulge in them. This summer my favorite ring is an amethyst and garnet ring. It is a sizzling hot one! My heart is set on it and I am convincing my husband to buy it on my birthday.

Garnet is a stone that is a beautiful gift for a partner to indicate their love and devotion. This red and deep burgundy stone when offset in white gold looks stunning. Did you know garnets are to be found deep in the earth? In addition amethyst is also a lovely purple color that blends with the maroon stone extremely well. I am dreaming of wearing the amethyst and garnet ring which is bound to catch attention of all and sundry.

The royal purple of the amethyst stone has tons of qualities that have won an ample amount of adulation. In fact interestingly it was one of the favorite stones of the aristocracy as well due to it’s rich color and fascinating style. When I was going through a collection of rings, was when I realized that amethyst when combined with garnet or any other ring looks attractive in any style or design.

Ranging from a three stone ring to a band one, flower ring to a cluster ring amethyst and garnet offset each other in the ideal fashion. Just like one cannot go wrong with a diamond infinity ring, this ring is also an evergreen bet. The warm and inviting colors blend very well with summer outfits and the weather.

It is a recommendation that you must maintain the ring well and keep it away while going into the sea or direct sunlight. You surely do not desire that your heartfelt ring get spoilt under these conditions?

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