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Choosing a crib for the new arrival can be exciting but a bit confusing if you don’t know what to look for. How is a regular crib different from a mini crib? Which is better? Hey, don’t worry. I’ll keep it simple. Take a look here:

Regular cribs

The basic difference is that a regular crib is bigger while the mini crib is smaller. Regular cribs like a Baby Bella crib are generally standard-sized cribs that can accommodate babies over a longer period of time. Many of these regular cribs can eventually be converted into a toddler bed or a day bed and used for some more years.

Regular cribs are bigger and can be placed in bigger rooms. They’re easy to decorate. A Baby Bella crib is a regular-sized crib and comes as a set. It includes a comforter, dust ruffle, bumper, fitted sheet, diaper stacker and window valance, all in cotton. With all these, you can go in for a pretty, themed nursery and keep it color coordinated.

Standard or regular cribs are a little expensive. But since they can be used for many years, you can save a tidy sum that can be put to use for other necessities. Some convertible beds can even be converted into a teen or a full-sized bed later on.

baby bella cribMini cribs

A mini crib is handy, compact and convenient when the nursery is small. It can also be accommodated in your bedroom if you have to attend to the baby at night.

A small bassinet or portable crib is convenient if you’re traveling or visiting with the baby. Their handy and cute size doesn’t need a lot of space. Mini cribs are easy to move around from room to room.

Even mini cribs can be converted to convertible beds like the durable Dream On Me 3 in 1 Aden crib. It has a classic design and comes in a stationary rail design and is safe for the baby. It sits low on the floor and can be converted to a twin size bed with bed frame or a toddler daybed.

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