Best of the Web no. 68


Get ready dear Pocketchange readers because it’s that time again – time for another splendiferous edition of our  much beloved Best of the Web, a weekly feature in which we share with you the very best websites and blog authors that we’ve been able to dig up – and what a week it is! Full of crafters and chefs, hobbyists and photographers – we know you’ll find something to love and be inspired by. So what are you waiting for? Show these bloggers some love!

Mama Papa Barn


“My motto is Green Wife – Green Life. I am for all things whole, natural, and organic. I love all things cloth and reusable. I like sharing about my attachment parenting experiences (breastfeeding, baby wearing).  I try hard to keep my family clean and green.”

Grinning Like an Idiot

like an idiot

“Grinning Like An Idiot is me, Stephanie,  whenever I do something that makes me happy, whether it is sewing, painting, vacationing, a funny interaction, or life in general.  Life is too short to hold those smiles in and too short to not grab onto happiness. The projects I share are quick, easy and will make you smile. Come drop by and join me in Grinning Like an Idiot!”

The Indolent Cook

indolent cook

The Indolent Cook enjoys creating simple meals with wholesome produce, and weaving conversations together with recipes. Interesting ingredients and unusual combinations often provide gleeful inspiration. I love having fun in the kitchen without working too hard!”

One Scrappy Doctor

scrappy doctor

“One Scrappy Doctor is a papercraft blog with a focus on “sharing the stories that make up our everyday life”. Natalie Elphinstone’s pages commonly feature either her adventures in Obstetrics or her amazing family with a passion for including her children’s artwork on her layouts. “Scrapbooking shouldn’t just be about The Big Events or The Perfect Photo,” she explains, “but rather the little details that capture the essence of who we are in this moment in time – those are the things that are easily forgotten but will be so important to the generations pouring through our albums in years to come”. ”

The Stapelia Company


“What it’s about: Stapelia is the blog of Jessica Beebe, a photographer and stylist who specializes in fine and conceptual portraiture with a vintage twist. The blog covers topics ranging from photography, art, movies and vintage artifacts, to Jessica’s personal and client work. Anything interesting, well-executed and intriguing makes the cut with the goal of keeping readers engaged and entertained.”

HJM Art Gallery


“My HJM Art Gallery blog is dedicated to everything artistic and inspirational! It not only features my art and my Etsy shop, HJM Art Gallery (, but also works of other talented artists and Etsy sellers as well as articles on home decor, tutorials and other interesting subject matters that I find educational or inspirational.”

My Teachers Lounge


“My Teachers Lounge is a collective blog of educators and authors who are building a community for positive classrooms. We believe in encouraging teachers, inspiring them to excel in their professions, as well as provide practical tips for teaching more intentionally. We have 12 bloggers, all of whom are well known in the education field, and most of whom have previously published books.”

123456789 smiling


“Hey, I’m Mija and I write the blog This is where I share my inspiration and outfits. My style is minimal with a sporty touch but always refreshing and kind of new. Come check it out!”

Frog Spot

frog spot
“Frog Spot attempts to bring together and share some of the thoughts, ideas and experiences I have on my journey as a mother, early-years teacher, business owner and digital teaching resource creator! It is a platform for me to share and network with other creative people that are helping to educate our precious children.”

Sew Ray Me

sew ray me

“My blog is Sew Ray Me, a little blog about things I design and make (usually) with my sewing machine. Lately I’ve been discovering some new crafts; I like to show those off too! There’s always something crafty, pretty or tasty going on as I share my creations from the sewing table, garden or kitchen.”

Clean Green Simple

Clean-Green-Simple (2)

“Clean Green Simple is a blog with healthy and delicious recipes for people who are vegan, gluten-free, or have other dietary restrictions – or anyone who just wants to eat a little healthier!”

Art happens

art happens

“Art happens is a place to showcase my art, photography and tidbits of my life. Creativity is the key. Art happens everywhere, anytime. One might also find how-to’s, recipes, and items I sell in my Etsy shop. ”



“meandmy2guys documents my quilting, sewing, crochet, knitting and general crafty adventures as well as family, pets, cooking, travel, house renovations and anything else that takes my fancy.”

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Written by Russel Hawthorne

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