Best of the Web no. 69


Get ready dear Pocketchange readers because it’s that time again – time for another splendiferous edition of our  much beloved Best of the Web, a weekly feature in which we share with you the very best websites and blog authors that we’ve been able to dig up – and what a week it is! Full of crafters and chefs, hobbyists and photographers – we know you’ll find something to love and be inspired by. So what are you waiting for? Show these bloggers some love!

Sugarplum Candyfloss


“I would probably say my blog is a fashion blog. You might think it’s just a normal and common blog that talks about fashion, but I would say I am different than others because I have my own style. I post up pictures of the outfit that I wore for the day and I describe a bit about how I put these few pieces together and I share it out. Moreover, I like to share the current trend, my current obsession as well as my favorite fashion icons who never fail to inspire the people who love fashion a lot. :)

April Cole Studio


“My blog is my documented life as an artist. It is an invite into my studio. A place to gather information on techniques, projects, artful insight, journaling prompts, and building relationships with other creative souls on this same journey. A place where inspiration dwells and creativity comes alive! A place to fill your life with color. :] I challenge others to have the courage to draw outside the lines … and just make art. ”



“I started Globicate because I wanted to focus on issues, ideas, lessons, and teaching that embraces global concepts. I believe our students’ world is completely different than the one we grew up in, and in order to meet their needs, we as teachers need to change how we educate them. This also includes environmental and cultural awareness.

I believe that we need to educate not only ourselves, but our students and children about the Earth and about global issues that affect all of us on a daily basis. I also believe that we have a responsibility to embrace global teaching and connections.”

LadyD Books


“My blogging adventure started after becoming a grandma as a way to share my grand-parenting adventures and has quickly grown into a personal blog featuring children’s book reviews and giveaways. I also love photography, so you’ll find lots of images that I have woven in with text, videos, books and sometimes Greek recipes!”



“Hi. My name is Jessica and I am the writer and photographer behind the blog, Domestology. Though I usually end up posting about food each week, I love anything and everything to do with the home, domestic life, and its meaning and influence on American culture. From books to homemade cleaning products to old cookbooks and recipes, I love to look at the home today using the past as a reference and learning tool. I am also an artist working primarily with embroidery, and much of that work shows up on the blog.”

Country Mouse in the City


“Country Mouse in the City is where I blog all about my adventures and frolics as a woman and teacher in London, England. I’m a writer, a singer, a long-walks-in-the-park-er, an avid reader, a Christian, a Joinee, a Junior League-er, a country girl far from the hills and fields of home, and a very silly person!  I love to laugh, spend time with my friends, sing along to my iPod and pretend I’m in a music video, bake, volunteer, wear pyjamas, write letters and nap. “

Fashion Gossip MK

image via Fashion Gossip MK blog

“Fashiongossipmk is a style blog runned by two best friends (Martina & Katarina).On our blog you can find inspirational photos, new trends, DIY projects and of course pictures of our own style. Our blog is different then others cause it’s run by two girls so You can get the best of our both worlds. We think that fashion is an expression of our individuality. We also share a passion for photography so we are trying to make pictures on our blog looking the best they can. Passionate girlsl chasing after their dreams <3.”

The Egg

the egg

“The Egg is a personal lifestyle blog about living in a gorgeous mountain town. Based in Jackson Hole, it features local cuisine, mountainista fashion, crazy adventures and my personal travels around the world!  I’m constantly snapping photos and sharing the beauty of this laid back and fun mountain life that I live.  Stop by and say hello!!”

Vintage in a Modern World


“Vintage in a Modern World is a vintage-inspired fashion and lifestyle blog. I love the 1880s through the 1960s (with particular emphasis on the 1920s). As a full-time university student, I have a small budget and pride myself on creating an affordable vintage look by combining real vintage with me-made pieces. I also post hairstyle tutorials for achieving 1920s hairstyles with long hair, as well as inspiration images from (really) old magazines.”

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Written by Russel Hawthorne

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  1. Anastasija Says:

    I love fashiongossipmk!:)

  2. TJ Says:

    all of these are such great features and such great ladies! thanks for sharing :)
    xo TJ

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