Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 80


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week

Happy hump day, fashionistas! We’re so excited to be back with our first style blog roundup of the summer. Since there is no better time than the beginning of a season to switch up your look, we wanted to make sure to feature an array of style sensibilities. If you’re rejoicing that it’s finally dress weather again, you’ll find no shortage of lovely frocks on these blogs, including a mint polka dot version, a maxi inspired by “The Virgin Suicides,” a chic mock wrap style, and a gorgeous one emblazoned with a star print. If you could use some inspiration, you’ll also find spotlights on style-savvy ladies like Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo and Natalia Alaverdian.

wake up buttercup

“I blog about the clothes I wear, the makeup I buy, my pug and his friends. My blog is a personal one often filled with tales of what I’ve been up to with the occasional wish list thrown in for good measure.” — Klee

Wine Taste Girl

“ is a blog devoted to boutique and designer shopping, yet everything featured is less than $100. It’s all about shopping with wine taste on a beer budget!” — Shannon


Join the Gossip

“Join The Gossip is a lifestyle blog founded in 2007 by Leeann. Topics covered range from fashion and beauty, to travel and entertainment, sprinkled in with some cool Hollywood events. As a Los Angeles resident, she loves taking in her city and all it has to offer – and of course reporting it all back to the world. So what are you waiting for? Join the Gossip!” — Leeann


Frances Baker

“Frances Baker is the blog for my small, handmade clothing label that I run in Melbourne, Australia. I started the blog back when I was in university as a place to discuss my interests and the things that inspire me, and eventually named my label after the blog. Starting the site has made me want to try and learn to express myself better, and it gives me the chance to be a part of a community with people who really inspire me and who share my interests. I now use the blog to share what I am working on, my inspirations, and also as a sounding board to discuss my thoughts about eco-friendly and ethical fashion.” — Josie


The Style Agenda

“A Greek girl’s blog that shares her interests in fashion, inspiration, personal style, shopping, trends and anything interesting that are part of a fashionista’s agenda. She loves street style, vintage treasures, travelling, her Balenciaga and her chihuahua. She says yes to inspirations but no to style imitations, and she totally hates style copycats. She is a huge believer of Edna Woolman Chase’s words that ‘fashion can be bought, but style one must possess.’

What about her personal style? Well, her style depends on her mood. She likes mixing casual with statement pieces. She loves wearing her studded Converse with maxi skirts and dresses, but she also adores wearing boho dresses with her Christian Louboutin sandals. Miroslava Duma, the Olsen twins, Olivia Palermo and Aureta Thomollari are her style icons.” — Rai


Rockalily Cuts

“My blog features my outfits of the day (rockabilly, vintage, rock ’n’ roll inspired clothing), my business adventures, feminism, hair, tattoos and anything else that catches my eye! It has tracked my career changes from teaching, to burlesque stagehand, to launching a lipstick brand and now opening a hair salon.” — ReeRee



“SEWmuchKNITting is a place where I write about my sewing, quilting, and knitting projects, along with other lifestyle posts about travel and family. Sewing for my two 20-something daughters, as well as for myself, keeps my sewing machine humming! I try to post pictures as soon as projects are finished, showing how the pattern, fabric and yarn work together. If I’m not at my machine, I can be found with knitting needles in my hands and a glass of wine nearby!” — Patty

Remember, style is about more than just the clothes and accessories you wear. Try making simple switches in your home decor, such as swapping out your basic lamp for a decorative airplane lamp, to reflect your personal style.

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  1. Patty Says:

    Thanks for featuring SEWmuchKNITting this week! I’ve enjoyed checking out the other bloggers featured as well.

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