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laundry cart that goes between washer and dryer, Haier 23-7/16-inch electric combination washer and dryer

Do you take hours to do your laundry only to find that the spaghetti stains haven’t really faded from your favorite tee! Well, with a few tips and tricks you can enhance the entire washing and drying process. And the rend results, clean and dry clothes that can beat those detergent and washing liquid advertisements.

For starters, you need to get your laundry organized. The laundry cart that goes between washer and dryer or the laundry caddy is a sensible pick here. It features a compact 3 shelf unit that can be nestled nicely between the washer/dryer. The raised side rails help you keep things organized and in place like fabric softeners, cleaning solvents, detergent, bleach, an iron and almost anything else.


  • Soak your clothes in warm water using a product that has enzymes or chlorine free bleach for stubborn stains.
  • For dingy white soaks, use oxygen based bleach and let it soak in a liquid detergent for at least 30 minutes.
  • For muddy stains, brush off the entire dry residue and rinse under cold running water, before soaking it.

While washing

  • Did you know that you can brighten dull clothes, which tend to become dingy after washes? Just add 2 pinches of regular table salt to the detergent. Make sure that the salt dissolves well in the water.
  • Your delicates like laced shawls, undergarments, etc. can be washed by simply tying them to a cotton pillow case. Just knot it close and then wash regularly.

Haier 23-7/16-inch electric combination washer and dryer


It is best to dry your clothes in the sunlight. But some colored garments fade or lose their brightness due to excessive sunlight. In such instances, you can opt for a combination of washer and dryer like the Haier 23-7/16-inch electric combination washer and dryer. It gives you the same crispness of drying clothes in the sun, without bothering about faded color.

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