Add some color with a blue twin quilt


blue twin quilt, Liora Manne pillows

With longer nights and shorter days, what could be the ideal way to relax? The perfect way would be curling up in front of the fire with a warm cup of coffee and a blanket to spend winter nights. An important part of the quilt or comforter that will keep you warm is that it needs to match your home décor as well. Let me give you a suggestion in which a cool looking quilt can make your keep your home décor neutral? What better than a blue twin quilt?

Blue is a color that provides inspiration to your home. In fact I can strongly say that it is the only color that maintains a strong character in each of it’s tones. The striking effect of a twin quilt in shades of blue can let your walls be neutral or even unpainted. It is a very nice addition to the furnishing since they provide color and pattern to any room. It is the perfect way to make a simple bedding look personal and cozy.

Interestingly quilts do not necessarily have to stay at the end of your bed. If the quilt is really large, fold it and pull it three quarters of the bed. It will add both warmth and curiosity for the viewer. Did you imagine that the bed looks all ready to for a perfect romantic party for two as well? I liked the concept of blue twin quilts so much that it has become my favorite gift for all house warming parties.

liora manne pillows In my bedroom, along with my blue twin quilt, I spruced the look by adding some Liora Manne pillows. It enhanced and completed the look of my room in a stunning manner! Simple and elegant the pillows speak out loud. The effect is outstanding!

Just try the look, and you are sure to enjoy every bit of your room.


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