3 ways to be comfortable at home


cargo sweatpants shorts for men, mens baggy sweats

We are a busy people. We are going to school, working full time jobs (sometimes more than one job), taking care of kids, doing laundry, paying bills, running errands, and much more. Some of us have straight super hero status and are doing all of these things! Whether you are doing all of these things, or just a few of them, you definitely deserve some time to sit and relax. Of course you don’t want to do that in your work clothes, you want something comfy to put on. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Mens Baggy Sweats:

Loose and nonrestrictive, sweat pants are the centerpiece of an outfit to lounge around the house with. There’s nothing like taking off those work pants after a long day, and putting on a pair of cargo sweatpants shorts for men. The cool thing about sweat pants is they can be used at the gym or for other physical activities as well. These are a must-have in your lounging wardrobe.


When it gets cold our body’s reaction is to move all of its heat away from your extremities to the core. Couple that with the basic scientific principle that hot air rises and cool air falls, and that can make for some frozen feet since your feet are both an extremity AND always near the ground where the cool air resides. You’ll need some mighty good slippers to keep those feet warm. Get a pair that have rubber soles in case you have to step outside for a quick second (to take out the garbage, check the mail, etc).

Old T Shirts:

I have a drawer full of old t-shirts. And I’m talking 15 years old. And they are really comfortable! Save a couple of old comfy shirts to wear around the house.





Written by Jack Arrigucci

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