Ways to store your wine and champagne


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Wine only gets better with time. But a wine cellar in your home is a luxury that few can afford. But there are other smaller and more compact alternatives available, which makes storing wine and champagne easier. It also makes it more reachable when guests arrive and you want to cool the bottle in champagne buckets.

When your party guests arrive, they will be delighted with these champagne kitchen timer party favors. The bucket can be stuffed with ice while you let the wine or champagne cool, unless you prefer it at room temperature.

Here are some vital tips on storing these the right way.

  • It is suggested that you store the wine in the dark. Basically sunlight can cause some chemical changes in the liquid and result in an unpleasant smell. Even with bottles that come with UV filters, it is best to cover the bottle with a cloth.
  • Always store the corked wine bottles towards the sides. Storing them upright for prolonged periods can spoil the wine. Also it is easier to spot sediments by placing the bottle this way.
  • Maintain a consistency in the temperature. Also, wines stored for a year or longer require refrigeration.
  • Try and isolate the wine as it breathes. So anything that has a strong smell tends to penetrate through the cork and result in smelly wine.
  • Avoid moving the wine too much. Bar cabinets for home is a perfect solution for this. You don’t have to move around the bottles too much. It also prevents a lot of vibration or other movements that affect the wine negatively. bar cabinets for home

You can check out this Oslo bar cabinet that features gentle curves, sturdy materials and streamlined contours with a classic Scandinavian design. The iconic design has been reinterpreted in a combination of woods, which are lacquered to enhance their natural beauty. So enjoy a taste of elegant wine with these storage ideas.

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