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charging station

Nowadays, many have an overabundance of electronic devices and not enough outlet space. It is easy to organize the outlet for stationary items like a television or desktop computer, but when it comes to mobile devices like your cell phone, laptop, iPod or iPad, having a convenient place to store and charges these components is paramount. Instead of having a bunch of jumbled wires and chargers, check out these three neat and easy charging station solutions.

Common charging station

When it comes to charging stations, the more important goal is to create a more orderly and organized place to charge your devices. Cords and wires are the many culprits of creating an untidy charging station, so any good charging station should do a good job of hiding and arranging these wires. If Apple devices are your main concern, be sure to seek out Apple specific stations that also include docking slots.

USB charger

Do you have multiple items with USB connections that need to be charged simultaneously? USB chargers could very well be to solution, and they come in many variations so finding the ideal charger for you can be easy. Some come with a wall outlet and several USB ports, while others come with a mix of electrical sockets and USB ports as well. Popular items like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone series all have USB ports, so having versatility can be extremely helpful.

Decorative chargers

If you want to avoid the usual looking charging station, there are several brands that make a charging station that also functions as a piece of art.  The Kikkerland charging station in particular is made to look like a simple decorative plant put is actually a functioning charging station.

So clean up your cluttered desk and bedside table, and add a charging station to get organized.

Written by Asher Briggs

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