When to wear jeans and shorts this summer


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With summer on the prowl it’s time for a wardrobe change. However there are certain aspects of your wardrobe like jeans and shorts that are an eternal part. Unfortunately, there are many of us who get confused of when and where to wear these basic parts of our wardrobe in the warm months of the year.

Jeans are always a must have. There is no reason why one should avoid it in summer unless one feels comfortable. In fact you can still look very cute in jeans especially when there are bright colors like yellows, greens, pinks and others that you can experiment in your denim wear. At the end of the day summer is all about color.

rock revival elaina b23Did you know floral print denim is also making it big this summer? If flowers are not your type of thing you can go for polka dots or tie and dye jeans as well. Well, ripped boyfriend jeans are just about my favorite. Recently I picked up a Rock Revival Elaina b23. I wear it just about everywhere and it looks absolutely well suited for summer too!

Whether it be a party, night club or just any casual outing jeans can easily be sported. All that you need are some cute tops, shoes and accessories. Likewise summer is incomplete without couple of pair of shorts. You could be as simple as a short sleeved sweater and cuffed ladies denim shorts for a night out since it can keep you warm but still look summery.

Very recently I wore a pair of bright yellow shorts with a denim shirt. To complete the look I combined it with a brown satchel to my friend’s barbecue dinner. It looked so cool. For the day you could combine it with a nice hat and gladiators too. Else, who can go wrong with a white simple shirt with a smart belt and shorts? Whatever the occasion be it can be sported with ease.

While at more formal occasions, jeans would be a better bet than shorts, in all other places jeans and shorts look uber sophisticated!

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