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deep setting sectional sofas

When you’re only partway through a long, grueling day at work or school, what do you wish you were doing, and where do you wish you were? If your answer is snorkeling in Tahiti or scuba diving in Bora Bora, good luck with that. But if your answer is lounging around on a big, comfy living room couch, that’s right up our alley! If you live in a starter apartment (perhaps your living room consists of a few folding chairs) or you could use an upgrade to a more comfortable couch, we’ll help you pick out a seating situation that will turn this imagined escape into reality.

For maximum comfort: corduroy couches

If  your number one priority is comfort, try getting a corduroy couch for your living room. Corduroy couches are a great choice for their soft, velvety texture, which is not only cozy and inviting, but also offers visual interest. To kick the comfort up a notch, toss on a plush throw in a bold color of your choice and some fun pillows to go with your couch. Try picking out a couch in a neutral color, such as taupe, brown or gray. These are versatile options that you’ll be less likely to get sick of, and it’ll be a cinch to switch out complementary throws and pillows whenever you feel like changing up your living room decor.

For maximum lounging space: deep setting sectional sofas

If you and your household take your lounging seriously, you probably don’t want to settle for a standard couch where only one person can lay down on it, leaving everyone else to settle for sitting on the floor. Try getting a deep setting sectional sofa instead. Deep setting sectional sofas are a great choice because they offer ample space to relax. These are not only great for everyday use; they’ll also come in handy when you host movie nights. Your guests will feel right at home and probably won’t want to leave by the end of the night!

What decor would you pair with a corduroy couch or deep setting sectional sofa?

Written by Lizzy Jude

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