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dell 1110, dell inspiron 3800 laptop batteries

Laptops are easily the best portable computing devices around. Over the past few years they have bridged the gap between desktops in terms of performance. The only constrain that limits a laptop’s portability would be its battery life. This problem can be solved by carrying an additional laptop battery along with you.

When it comes to laptops the better the performance the lesser will be its battery life. This is why it is sensible to get a laptop with lesser configurations if you are looking for outright portability. Dell being one of the leaders in the manufacturers for computers has quite a few ultra portables which will give you that additional battery life. The Dell Inspiron 3800 was one of those ultra portable laptops which were known for its long battery life. There are a few people who still use this laptop because of its incredible battery life. This battery life could further be increased by carrying an additional battery. The 3 cell Dell Inspiron 3800 laptop batteries would offer you a good 3 to 4 hours on load. This means you could effectively have about 6 to 8 hours of battery life with an additional battery.

The same goes with the more recent Dell Inspiron 1110 laptop. This ultra portable laptop has a screen size of about 11.6 inches and supports high definition. It allows you to choose between the Intel Celeron 743 or Intel Pentium Su4100 dual core processor. Both these processors will handle most applications on Windows 7 with ease. It features 2 GB of RAM along with about 250 GB of hard drive space. You could upgrade the hard drive to 320GB if required. This laptop comes with a standard 3 cell battery which will give you a battery life of about 3 hours on load. You can also opt for the 6 cell battery or get an additional Dell 1110 6 cell battery. This is quite good for those of you who travel a lot as you wouldn’t need to charge your battery for a good 10 hours with an additional 6 cell battery. Overall this is a great laptop for those who need portability above everything.

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