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deodorant for sensitive skin, speed stick 3 oz fresh scent

There is no doubt that body odor can be a turn off. It is not only a bother for you, but also for your colleagues and friends. There are times, when they will not tell you this, but will smirk behind your back. Remember the jingle ‘smelly cat’ from the telecom series ‘Friends’. Also, body odor is related to personal hygiene.

However, there are plenty of ways to get rid of body odor. For instance, you try perfumes. But these may be a little over powering at times. Also, they don’t help you to get rid of that excessive sweat. In this reference, deodorants work better as they are directly applicable on the skin and also help to reduce excess perspiration issues. Here are a couple of products that you can check out-

1. Deodorant for sensitive skin

For those who have very allergic prone or sensitive skin, products with Aloe Vera or other moisturizing agents are suggested. They help to reduce body odor, help in decreasing sweat and are gentle on the skin. Check out Tom’s deodorant for sensitive skin, which is fragrance-free.

The natural sensitive care deodorant offers powerful natural odor protection that is gently on your skin. It is an aluminum-free deodorant stick that also contains chamomile to help soothe sensitive skin and inhibits odor.

2. Speed stick 3 oz fresh scent

Another suggestion here are these speed sticks, which you can also carry in your handbag. These can be take to work and applied as required. These sticks are easy to carry and you will not face any spill or leaking issues. Also, the stick form is more feasible to apply when you are out or even at home. The deodorant has a fresh smell that helps you get long-lasting fragrance, without being too overpowering or nauseating.

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