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With the summer vacations about to begin I bet most of you would spend a lot of time in front of the TV. With summer sales and discounts up and about there is no better time to buy a large screen TV to enhance your TV viewing experience. Let us take a look at large screen TV and a few accessories that will improve your viewing experience.

When it comes to buying HDTV the first thing you should look at is the size. If you are looking to watch your favorite sports and movies then a flat screen 50 inch TV is what should be on your mind. The only problem with that is that 50 inch HDTVs are usually expensive. Toshiba recently launched a line of HDTVs and they are one of the best priced TVs available at the moment. The Toshiba 50L5200U 50 inch HDTV is just what you need this summer to watch your favorite sports and moves. This 50 inch LED backlit HDTV has the ability to display full HD content so you can enjoy your latest movies in full 1080p glory. The 120 Hz refresh rate of this TV ensures that images are quite clear regardless of their motion.

The Dynalight feature in this TV auto adjusts the contrast based on the image displayed making sure that it is bright when needed. This TV features 3 HDMI inputs allowing you to connect high definition media devices like a Blu Ray player or your gaming console. This TV also features a PC input which will allow you to connect your desktop to your TV making this a large flat screen monitor TV. Lastly the thin design of this TV saves a lot of space and is great for wall mounting or placing on a TV stand. In addition to a getting a TV this summer you could also get yourself a TV tray. A TV tray comes in real hand in case you are planning on a movie marathon. Thanks to a TV tray you can eat your food while watching your favorite sports or movies. Most TV trays come with height adjustable stand so you could adjust it according your preference. The last thing that you could get to enhance TV view experience is a good Lazy Boy recliner. Once you’ve got yourself the TV, the TV tray and a Lazy Boy recliner you can be rest assured you will never feel like switching off that TV.

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