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outdoor tv enclosure with console, 37 tv 1080p

With temperatures beginning to rise, backyard pool and barbecue parties are slowly becoming quite popular. With the MLB season going on, wouldn’t be great to have a large screen TV showing your favorite matches at your backyard party? I bet it would!

When it comes to buying a TV for outdoor use there are quite a few specifications which you would have to look into. One of the primary specifications that you would have to look into would be the dynamic contrast as well as the absolute brightness. Most LCD and LED TVs struggle to display content in the presence of sunlight. This is primarily due to their lack in dynamic contrast and brightness. A few manufacturers such as LG and Panasonic have incorporated high contrasts which enable their TV’s to be easily viewed in bright daylight conditions. The LG LD340 37 TV 1080p LCD TV is one of those TV’s which quite good even in sunlight conditions.

This LG full HDTV features a dynamic contrast of about 60000:1 and a brightness level of about 400cd/m2. This ensures that daytime outdoor viewing is as good as indoor viewing.  In addition to that the LG LD340 features a full HD (1920*1080) 37 inch screen which will ensure all your HD sports channels and movies are now downscaled. The low response time of about 4 ms ensures that the “ghosting effect” is eliminated. The low response time of 4 ms makes this TV great for gaming as well. The viewing angle of 178 degrees makes for a good viewing experience.

In addition to getting a TV you would also need an outdoor TV enclosure with console to keep your TV protected when being used outdoors. The LCD Guardian TV enclosures are great to keep your TV protected. The enclosure is waterproof and it features cooling fans to keep temperatures low within the enclosure. It comes with an easy to use LCD mounting bracket to connect your TV. Lastly the powder coated steel construction makes it durable and weather proof. So watch your favorite movies or sports with this TV and enclosure.

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