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foot remedy earth therapeutics

Everybody wears flip flops and glamorous sandals in summer. Visiting happening places and having fun all day can not only leave your feet tired but it can also make your feet tanned. The summer heat and dust can make your feet dry and your heels cracked. Here are some items which can pamper your feet after a tiring day.

  • Earth Therapeutics foot remedy balm

Earth Therapeutics offers foot remedy balms which moisturize your feet’s skin. Its balms are refreshing blends of natural elements. They heal and soothe your tired soles. Comprising of tea tree, chamomile and aloe vera, foot remedy earth therapeutics heal, hydrate, replenish and comfort dry areas of your feet. They make your feet silky soft.

  • Foot Doctor pedicure kit

The Foot Doctor pedicure deluxe kits come with 4-piece professional grade pedicure sets, tea tree oil foot repair balms, pumice sticks and tea tree oil cooling foot scrubs. This kit can help you have a great pedicure in the comfort of your home. You no more have to go to a salon for getting a relaxing pedicure. The tea tree balm of this kit comprises of chamomile extracts, elder blossoms, fennel, geranium, hibiscus, orange blossoms, sage, glycerin, pure tea tree oil, aloe vera, peppermint oil, lavender oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, aromatic oils, tea etc. All these ingredients make your feet supple and healthier.

  • Massaging jet foot spa

You can pick a Conair commercial foot bath machine which gives a calming feel to your feet. You can also check out Homedics bubble foot bath machine which gives your feet a bubble massage. Featuring raised nodes form gentle foot massage, this machine comes with 3 accu-pressure attachments and an integrated Splash Guard.

Foot remedy earth therapeutics balms and commercial foot bath machines can help you pamper your feet at home, making them soft and more beautiful. You can add aroma oils or sea salt to the water while using your foot spa machine.

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