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Having a good sound system is essential to a home theater system or a party at your home. They are essentially the main components for an entertainment system which will liven up the atmosphere. Let’s take a look at a couple of speaker systems which are great for all occasions.

Among the different speaker systems available the most popular ones would be iPod or iPhone speaker systems. I am sure most of the iPod speakers that you would have seen would be relatively small in size and are not powerful enough for large gatherings. Well the GenevaSound iPod speaker system changes everything. These big iPod speakers are one of the most powerful ones you will find. The GenevaSound iPod Audio System features a remarkable 100 watts of RMS output which will liven up your party or living room. This speaker system will connect to all models of the iPod which have the 16 pin dock connectors including the old iPod and iPod mini. This iPod speaker system also features a slot-loading CD player and FM radio making it quite versatile. This iPod speaker system will also connect to other MP3 players, vinyl turntables, as well as HDTV’s thanks to the line-in audio cables provided. Lastly its unique and stylish design adds to your décor.

If you plan to have your party outdoors or near a pool then using regular speakers wouldn’t be a great idea. You would need outdoor weather proof speakers. The Audio Unlimited wireless outdoor pool speakers are just what you need to take your party outdoors. These speakers are perfect for a party outdoors. They feature an RMS capacity of about 20 watts per speaker and are compatible with most media playback devices such as iPods and iPhones. Getting about 4 of them for each corner of your pool would be just about perfect. They include a wall mount in case you want to place the speakers where no one can access them. These speakers are rubbed edged and will absorb a bit of impact as well. Overall these speakers are great for your outdoor party considering their price.

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