How to set up a drink station


3 gallon beverage dispenser, plastic party dispenserSome of the most fun you can have during the summer is at a house party and you do not want to be known among your friends as that one person who is too stingy to host a party.  This summer might be your chance to dispel that notion by hosting a gathering in your humble abode.

One of the most important things for a party host to keep an eye on – particularly during the summer – is the refreshments.  If you want to know how to serve drinks at a house party, read on.

The Drink Station

Have a corner of your backyard dedicated to the drink station.  Set up a table and place a 3 gallon beverage dispenser, which you can fill with your choice of lemonade or strawberry lemonade, on top of it.  Here you can also place dozens of plastic red cups in upside down stacks; these cups are made to be used and abused at parties and tossed in the trash afterward.

Once the plastic party dispenser is on the table in the backyard, you can also place a glass bowl or two full of ice there along with a big spoon for guests to help themselves.  Ice goes fast on a hot summer day so make sure to keep an eye on these bowls constantly and refill them.

In addition to a 3 gallon beverage dispenser, the drink station is a good spot for other handy items, such as napkins and straws.  If your table is big enough, you might even consider putting some snacks at the drink station.  However, I would usually suggest adding a second table for this purpose.

As you can see, setting up a drink station at your party is easy, so don’t be that person who goes to parties but never throws them!

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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