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Known for being the prototypical casual outdoors pants, cargo pants are on the rebound in the fashion world. The cargo mens pant leg is unique in the material and the extensive use of pockets and other details. These type of pants are perfect for those whose jobs and/or lives require them to get down and dirty and maybe need the extra pockets to store various items. These blue collared pants are designed to be durable and tough which is by far their greatest quality. But outside the typical tan, khaki colored cargo pants what options are there? Let’s take a look:

Skinny cargo pants

Skinny cargo pants with pockets for men are one of the latest innovations in the cargo pants. Skinny jeans have found a solid niche in the men’s fashion world so it was only a matter of time before cargo pants manufactures started following suit. With the cargo pants typically being associated with the working man rather than high fashion, the skinny cargo pants are a hidden gem in the current fashion community, so be the first of your friends to pick up a pair.

Black cargo pants

With most cargo pants being tan or khaki in color, black cargo pants are a little known variation of a classic style. With many work places requiring pants to be black in color, black cargo pants would be ideal for those that want a durable pair of work pants that follow company dress code. The added pockets on the leg are sure to be extremely helpful to many jobs, such as chefs or warehouse workers, allowing you to easily carry multiple tools and utensils.

Zip-off cargo pants

After reaching particularly high popularity at the turn of the millennium, the zip-off cargo pants are back and flying off shelves. These types of cargo pants are particularly popular in warmer inland states where one may want the protection of full pant legs but would love to have the option to turn them into shorts without having to roll the pant legs up. It only takes a few seconds to turn these babies into a comfortable pair of shorts, so be prepared for any situation with a pair of zip-off cargo pants.

Cargo pants are a necessary part of any man’s wardrobe, so check out these new great options in the world of men’s pants.

Written by Asher Briggs

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