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indoor pet barrier, door scratch protector


Pets are always a joy. However at times you might not want them puttering around the kitchen with muddy paws or come to the living area after playing in the run. I have implemented two things that have helped me overcome this problem.

Have you heard of an indoor pet barrier? It has helped me put an end to muddy paw prints on my sofa or spilled garbage cans in the kitchen area. All that I needed to do was place the pet barrier near the prohibited area and the receiver collar on Jackie my dog. As soon as Jackie would come too close there was an audible warning that I would get. In fact the collar is very light, waterproof and compact to! There were several other benefits that I enjoyed as well.

  • The pet barrier provides a wireless zone of protection for out of bounds location in your home too
  • It was possible for me to adjust the off limits area from a range of 2 to 12 feet.
  • The best part is that I can keep Jackie off the trash or even the furniture even when I am not home.
  • I can use it any place in the house.

It has really been a boon for me. Apart from that I must tell you that several doors in my house got thoroughly spoilt due to door scratch protector Jackie scratching on them. But now no more! I got the door scratch protector and she can come in or go out without leaving marks on the door. You can hang it simply from the doorknob with hook and loop anchors to hold it in place. Simple isn’t it?

Gone are the days when I need to worry, since my pet is happy and my house is safe. These two products are a wonderful choice if you have a puppy at home as you can train them with it.


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