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With the temperatures rising I bet most of you’ll are heading out to the beach. For those of you who are unlucky not to have any beaches around I am sure you are heading out to large pools to cool yourself off this summer. Let us take a look at a couple of water accessories to ensure you have a good time in the pool.

If you are looking to have a nice relaxed time at a pool without much activity then getting an inflatable water float is a good idea. They will help you relax in the pool while having your favorite beverages. Among the inflatable water floats available the Deluxe Inflatable Lounger is one of the most comfortable ones around. This inflatable is quite large and will ensure that you remain out of the water so you can enjoy a glass of wine or read a book. This float features a 2 piece design which includes a smaller, removable float which can be used independently and a large float to give you versatility. This float is made from durable water and fade resistant ballistic nylon. This outer cover zips over a puncture resistant PVC inflatable bladder. The cover is easily removable and is machine washable. This float also features a detachable cup holder for added convenience.

If you are looking to have some fun at the pool then you should get yourself a basketball hoop for the pool and play pool basketball. There are many different basketball hoops available. Among them the NBA swimming pool basketball hoop is one of the best ones around. These NBA basketball hoops come with different team logos. They are all weather basketball hoops and are extremely durable. They come along with a basketball which is water resistant and is quite durable as well. They feature a high capacity polyform base which can be weighted with water or sand. They are made from aluminum which makes them light weight as well. Thanks to them you can turn your pool into a water based basketball court!

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