Must have items for a weekend in the woods


led outdoor floodlight, repellent for tents

Camping in the woods is one of the best outdoor experiences you can have. It is the only time you can get to experience nature first hand. When camping out in the woods there are a few things you should carry along with you in order to be comfortable and safe. Here are a couple of items which could come in handy during your weekend in the woods.

When camping overnight it would be great if you could get yourself a good flood light. A good flood light will keep your campsite illuminated making it easy to walk around at night. Keeping your campsite illuminated also keeps away animals as well as a few insects. Among the flood lights available the Bronze Motion activated 2 head flood light is perfect for your camping trip. This LED outdoor floodlight is quite powerful and is very efficient with energy as well. Each head in this flood light has about 3 high performance LED bulbs. They are quite powerful and have an illumination of about 1,222 lumens. This is equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent light bulb. They have a lifespan of about 50000 hours which translates to about 30 to 35 years using it for about 4 hours a day. Each of the six LEDs consumes about 10 watts of energy which is quite efficient. In addition to using them for camping they can be used for illuminating backyards, play areas, patios, and driveways.

In addition to a flood light getting yourself a water repellent is a good idea. Water repellents are quite useful in case you run into a storm during your camping trip. A water repellent basically restores water repellency in fabrics which are used in tents, backpacks and parkas. They ensure that water just slides off rather than getting absorbed. These water repellents are great for on nylon, canvas, leather and canvas. These repellent for tents that are available these days are not inflammable and do not feature any ozone layer depleting chemicals.

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