Every girl’s must have makeup essentials


For most women, that little makeup bag isn’t so little anymore. When you have to buy a bigger purse just to accommodate your makeup bag, that’s how you know you’re carrying around way too much stuff. So what are the necessary, must-have items you should have in your purse? This may vary for each woman of course but there are a couple important items you should have right by your side which will keep your face looking fresh all throughout the day. They’re the basics you can’t live without and belong in every woman’s purse.

Make-up primer

One of the more important reasons to use a good makeup primer is because it helps make your makeup last longer. The purpose of facial primer is no different from paint primer- it provides a smooth surface canvas to prepare your face for makeup. It will also help keep your makeup in place, which is especially important during humid summer months or long days at the office.

Laura Geller Antique Lace Eye Shadow Set

Mix and match colors with the Laura Geller Antique Lace Eye Shadow Set. Depending on your mood or event, this palette comes with both lighter and darker tones for either a dramatic evening or understated neutral tones during the daytime.

Translucent powder

One of the things I dislike most about foundation and powder is the ‘cakey’ residue some products leave behind. Ideally, powders should look natural and effortless. Translucent face powder can give you that effortless look. What I love most is that when applied correctly, it will hide minor blemishes leaving your skin looking sleek and flawless.

Set of brushes

Makeup brushes are the tools you need to transform yourself into a masterpiece. Another benefit to using makeup brushes is that it keeps your hands off your face to prevent bacteria or leave behind a layer of dirt, oil and bacteria that can cause breakouts. There are many type of brushes to choose from. Although you certainly do not need every single one of these brushes, makeup brushes will surely do you justice when it comes to looking great!

Written by La'Dasha Thornburry

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