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One of the most exciting things about being a young adult is moving out of your parents house and getting a place of your own. Whether that place is an apartment or a dorm, the chances are your new pad isn’t going to be very big. You’re also going to be on a budget, which means you’ll have to save money where you can. I definitely went through this myself with my first place, so I’ve been there. Let me share some of my tips to make your first place the best it can be!

1. Don’t Go Overboard With Furniture

Your first place is probably going to be small, so making the most out of the space you have is critical. Keep your furniture small. Instead of a full sized sofa, just get a loveseat. Instead of getting a big coffee table, just grab a couple of narrow sofa tables to put on each side of that loveseat. Skip out on any dining furniture, as one table should be enough. If you just have a studio apartment, then get a sofa with a pull out bed to maximize that space. Speaking of which…

2. Maximize Your Space

Instead of getting a big, clunky bookcase for your books, pictures, and other knick knacks, install shelving above your seating area where it won’t intrude on your pathways. If you have a flat screen TV, wall mount it in order to save yourself the trouble of having an entertainment center. Speakers can also be wall mounted, and your stereo and media can be put on shelves by the TV.

3. Buy Used

Scour your neighborhood for yard sales, garage sales, Goodwill stores, etc., for your amenities. You’ll be able to save tons of money this way. Even if something is not the right color or perhaps a little damaged, painting it or repairing it is still cheaper than buying a brand new one. For example if you get a used sofa, you can get a sofa cover to change the color (and help ease your mind if you’re iffy about who owned it before you). And some couch savers will help keep sofa from sinking.

What are some of your tips for someone moving out for the first time? Let us know in the comments section!


Written by Jack Arrigucci

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