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We want to give our babies the very best. Be it clothes or even diapers! But most of us end up using plastic diapers because they are easy to use and less of a hassle, as compared to cloth ones. But do you realize the damage that you are causing to the environment. These are not biodegradable, which leads to constant accumulation of waste.

Also, it can cause rashes on your baby’s gentle skin. Opt for natural diapers, as they are more eco conscious. It is time that we go above and beyond using plastic. For instance, Huggies pure and natural diapers are made from organic cotton. They contain Vitamin E and Aloe to ensure your baby’s skin stays soft, smooth, and rash-free.

It also features a natural design to keep your baby fresh and odor free. This eco-conscious product is made keeping in mind quality and the gentle skin of newborns and toddlers. And yes, it does fully absorb all liquids and prevents leakages.

You can also check out nature babycare diapers that are made from organic cotton. These products usually contain Vitamin E and aloe to sooth the diaper area and hence keep it rash-free. Many brands are now making baby care diapers using natural ingredients like cotton, to ensure that they are biodegradable and less of an environment threat.

Using natural diapers is an affordable and sustainable option. It gives you the same benefits as a regular or mainstream plastic diaper, but without the risks of rashes for your baby. Of course, they are eco-friendly too.

I agree that using cloth diapers is not a feasible option. But you can use it a couple of times a day to make a small contribution to the environment. These are reusable, so you will be cutting down on costs also.

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