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outdoor pet enclosures, outside shelter for dogs

No matter how much you hate it, there are times when you have to keep your pets in enclosures. This can be during parties or get togethers, when you have guests who are allergic or scared of pets. Outdoor pet enclosures are great when you want your pet to enjoy the outdoor family get together without it getting lost or escaping.

Rather than keeping them confined to the car or leaving them behind, they get to relax outdoors with family and look at the birds and squirrels without chasing them. Since it is not always possible to leave your pets behind, it makes more sense to have them under your vigilance and spend some quality time together.

The Kittywalk deck & patio cat enclosure features a portable outdoor pet enclosure that allows your cat to relax in the fresh air, exercise and enjoy the sunshine and watch the birds from a safe distance. The award winning containment system is safer than cages and pens. The enclosure features-

  • Fully enclosed structure with 2 doors
  • Solid steel wickets and rip stop netting
  • Open net construction for better visibility & ventilation
  • Compact enough for backyard decks, patios, & apartment balconies
  • Extends to 6 feet long
  • Has space for additional units

There are choices of outside shelter for dogs available too, which may be bigger or more compact as per your requirements. The shelters can be picked on the basis of the size of your dog. Remember that you should buy one that leaves enough room for your pet to stretch its legs and move around, especially if you plan to use it for longer hours.

Get an enclosure that is easily foldable and portable. This will be easy to carry around and so your best friend can now give you company on all your trips! What do you think about these options?

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