Accessorize your backyard with solar garden lights


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There are times when the regular backyards lights can be rather monotonous and hardly have an aesthetic value. You need something that is functional and also spruces up the area for a sudden party or barbecue. Solar garden lights is the perfect pick here because-

  • It adds to the aesthetic value of the garden
  • Provides the much needed light for security and safety
  • Is budget friendly because you save on electricity costs
  • Helps in conserving the environment and is green too
  • Portable and can shifted around as per requirements
  • Are weather friendly and thus bear the wear and tear of rain, storms, etc.

With solar garden lights, you don’t have to worry about long electricity bills. Most of them switch on at dusk and switch off automatically. The extract their energy from the sun and thus don’t add to your utility bills.

Remember that outdoor solar lighting needn’t be boring. Check out these cool light additions for your backyard-

1. Soji 10 inch orange outdoor solar powered l

Let your backyard glow in a jiff without the hassle of electrical cords. These elegant festival lanterns come with accordion open and collect sunlight all day and turn themselves on to cast a beautiful glow by night. The beautiful lanterns can be hung from the trees, on the patio or even from poles.

2. Tiki torch solar light

Add rustic charm to the backyard without burning down the house or whopping electricity bills. These three LEDs with reflectors give off bright amber light and feature auto-on photo cell turns light on at dusk. They charge during the day and give you 8 hours of brightness. These can be set up along the driveway, around the fountain or as per your requirements.

So, go ahead and light up your backyard or garden the inviting and party appropriate look!

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