Pattern mixing: learning to love it


Pattern mixing

Hi everyone! I’m Annie, and I blog over at The Other Side of Gray, which is my personal style blog. Today I wanted to talk a bit about one of my favorite trends of the moment – pattern mixing! If you read my blog you will know that I have NO fear when it comes to pattern mixing. Sometimes that doesn’t always work to my advantage, as I will pair gingham and floral without even blinking an eye. And then I remember that the rest of the world hasn’t quite caught up to the blogging world … cue lots of stares while walking down the street wearing said gingham and floral, haha. But my sixth-grade self consciousness went out the door a month or so after I started blogging, plus I know pattern mixing is awesome, so I don’t mind. :)

I’ve found though, that even in the blogging world, there are some of you out there who are afraid to mix your patterns. Well I’m here to say – get over it! And here’s why: Mixing patterns is an awesome way to reinvigorate your wardrobe and really add some flava’ to your outfits. That boring striped tee? Pair it with a floral skirt and BAM! A fun and trendy new outfit! And it doesn’t always have to be over the top. My advice? Take it slow. Start with baby steps by pattern mixing with your accessories. Once you get brave, you can move on to your tops and bottoms. And that’s when the possibilities (and occasional stares) are endless!

Here are some general rules I follow:

  • If you plan on mixing the same pattern, such as dots on dots, be sure to use different SIZES of the pattern.
  • Don’t mix so many patterns that you look like one of those magic eye photos. I try to stick to two patterns, but sometimes it’s OK to throw in a third (subtly) with accessories or some layers.
  • Using similar colors in your contrasting patterns can help tone it down – like black stripes over black gingham.
  • Patterned shoes can be a GREAT way to add some fun to an outfit and mix your patterns.
  • For more subtle mixing, try layering: Pair a patterned blouse under a plain sweater, then add a funky patterned scarf and voila – you are a pattern-mixing diva!
  • Don’t be scared … Embrace your inner pattern-mixing goddess!

To see more, check out my blog: The Other Side of Gray!

About the author
Annie is a nurse by day and style blogger/self-proclaimed clothes hoarder by night and weekend. She started her blog, The Other Side of Gray, in October 2011, as a creative outlet and a way to share her style with the world. She loves boots, bright colors, mixing patterns, and talking to and about her clothes like they are more than just inanimate objects. Annie loves the blogging world and everything and everyone it has brought with it.

Try grabbing a few floral knit casual skirts and a couple of other patterned pieces from your wardrobe, and see what interesting combinations you can come up with!

8 Responses to “Pattern mixing: learning to love it”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Pattern mixing has been such a challenge for me. Great tips, Annie!

  2. Amber Says:

    LOVE the floral cardigan and stripes. Thanks for sharing your rules-number one is especially helpful! :)

  3. Shanna Schneider Says:

    Annie is the queen of pattern mixing!! I love her, her style and her blog! Great post!

  4. Rachel Says:

    LOVE her advice and her pattern mixing!

  5. Emily Says:

    Ah Annie is just the best at pattern mixing– wish I could pull it off as well as she does!!

  6. Leeann @ Join the Gossip Says:

    You are the queen of mixing patterns – great looks!

  7. TJ Says:

    aw, love her! and all of these looks are just fabulous!!
    xo TJ

  8. jessica Says:

    LOVE Annie’s style and all her pattern mixing glory! :)

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