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pet trainer shock collar, no bark collar for dogs

Hello out there beloved Pocketchange readers and wlecome to another exciting edition of the Beloved Pets blog, where we’re absolutely mad about our furry companions of all walk and sizes. As any pet loving owner will tell you, our pets are more than just mere companions or trivial diversions, they are very much our loved ones and integral family members. As much as we all love our pets though, there’s no denying that training them can be a bit of a hassle at best, and a disastrous headache at worst. That’s why we’re dedicating today’s blog to examining a few methods you can take a look at to make pet training a bit easier and less painful. Read on to find out all about modern training methods for pets and how you can use them to take some of the stress out of your life.

Dog Collars

pet trainer shock collar, no bark collar for dogsWhen it comes to training dogs, there are two primary ways to do it: the right way, and the “wrong” way. The difference is in the methodology being used by the collar in question. Here at Beloved Pets we’re advocates of a no bark collar for dogs. This type of collar uses an audible signal to tell your dog that he or she shouldn’t be barking. The sound is high pitched (so high pitched that humans can’t hear it) and works much like a dog whistle, except it sounds when a dog barks. The dog quickly associates barking with an uncomfortably high pitched noise and ill cease to do so.

This is the more modern and “humane” way to do things, but older alternatives are certainly still on the market. What we’re referring to here is something like a pet trainer shock collar - this type of collar works the same way as mentioned above except it shocks the animal, causing physical pain. We mention it here only because many pet owner are unaware of the newer and safer alternative.

Written by Russel Hawthorne

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