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phillips tvs televisions. panasonic u50

The summer is finally here and I am sure most of you’ll have been waiting for summer discounts for a long time now. The most popular item which is being bought now days is a TV. Among the TV manufacturers Panasonic and Phillips makes for great value for money. Let’s take a closer look at which would be a great buy.

Philips and Panasonic have been known to produce some of the best television sets over the past decade or so. Both of these brands have their strengths and weakness. When it comes to Philips, their line of LCD TV’s are very well priced and are quite good. Philips has a wide range of LCD TV’s which have a screen size of less than 46 inches. These LCD TVs are great for watching regular television movies and playing the odd occasional console game. These Phillips tvs televisions aren’t that good for serious gamers as most of their televisions lack a low response time which is quite essential for gamers. The Philips 46PFL5706 is one of their best 46 inch LCD TVs. This HDTV is great for sports and regular television. It features a full HD capable display so you can enjoy your favorite movies in full 1080p glory. This TV also comes with built-in WI-FI to allow you to browse the internet without any problems. Overall this is a great TV and is quite good for its price.

The only problem with Phillips HDTV’s is most of the larger models aren’t as good when compared to the smaller ones. When it comes to TV’s with large sizes the ones from Panasonic the best ones you can get. Panasonic Plasma TV’s are one of the best ones available. The Panasonic u50 is one of the best 50 inch Plasma TVs you will find. This TV will offer you the best picture quality you could ask for. This TV has a full HD 1920*1080 screen to bring your movies to life. The brightness of this television is what makes it great. This TV would work perfectly outdoors in daylight conditions as well. Thanks to the high contrast you can use your TV for your backyard barbecue parties. If you are looking for a large sized Plasma TV then the Panasonic would be a good option but if you are looking for a smaller LCD TV then the ones from Philips would be perfect.

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