Three astounding portable solar power solutions


portable solar power

Energy bills are only growing in today’s world and more people are converting to cheaper energy solutions every day. Solar energy is a big part of the green energy movement and while many people still think of solar energy as installing large solar panels to the roof of your house, the truth is that many manufacturers are working and producing portable solar power devices for every day usage. So, check out these three astounding portable solar power solutions that may make you rethink how you look at solar power.

Power Pocket

Need a way to charge your phone or laptop but aren’t anywhere near an outlet? Look no further than the power pocket which is small portable power station which can fold up and easily fit in your purse or backpack. Simply pull it out, unravel it, and plug in to charge any device. The photovoltaic panels are able to harness the power of the sun to charge itself.

Solar power backpack

Similar to the Power Pocket, the solar power backpack allows you to charge your devices using the same technology, but gives you the added benefit of being able to walk around and charge your favorite devices with traveling. For a college student that needs to have their laptop fully charged, they can simply just walk to class and achieve a substantive charge to get them through the class. Rather than having to find a spot to lay out the solar panels you can just keep you items in the backpack and keep your devices fully charged.

Solar Chargers

A few companies have come out with pocket sized solar chargers like the XTG premium solar charger. This device is about the same size as an iPhone and comes with a convenient way to charge it by simply using suction cups to stick it to any window that receives sun. This makes it easy to charge while driving around or if you are at home to stick it to your bedroom window, making it possible to carry around what is essentially a miniature solar panel.

Written by Asher Briggs

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