Use a ceiling fan to keep your house cool this summer


wicker blade ceiling fans, aurora crystalline lighting

During the warm summer months turning down your thermostat to the coolest temperature don’t seem to help at times. You need that fresh breezy feel but a table or pedestal fan can take up some space. Also, they are very area focused and do not spread the air across the entire room. A sensible alternative here would be installing a ceiling fan.

Basically ceiling fans can quickly cool off a room very quickly and help to maintain and keep it cooler temperature even in the hottest of months. During the coming summer months a ceiling fan might be a good idea to cool your home. These fans can be used to enhance the décor of your house. They also consume less energy and hence help save on those whopping electricity bills.

Wicker blade ceiling fans are an eco-friendly option that not only adds character to the décor, but you will love the almost natural breeze it provides. Apart from wicker, you can also opt for other natural materials like bamboo, palm, rattan, and other leaf styled blades available in different colors and styles.

These fans go well with both contemporary and rustic decors. You can also get them installed for a combination of both. But do remember to get these fans placed in a spot where it spreads the breeze evenly to different corners of the room. Also, the higher you place them, the larger area gets covered.

Along with these cooling options, add some elegance to your home décor with aurora crystalline lighting. These chandeliers complement the wicker fans perfectly and you can add some aura to your ceiling too. You can place the chandelier in the center, with two fans on either side. You can also opt for a single fan in between two chandeliers or as per your requirement.

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