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Desktop and laptop computers need to be upgraded every once in a while with the constant improvement in software demands. Laptops have a lower shelf life when compared to desktops so they need to be upgraded sooner than desktops. The only problem with upgrading your laptop is the cost involved. This is where getting a refurbished laptop is a good idea.

The advantage with refurbished laptops is that you can have good specifications for reasonably low prices. Among the refurbished laptops Dell Studio 1536 is pretty decent laptop to go in for. This laptop features the highly efficient AMD Turion processor running at 2.0 GHz. This processor might lack the muscle that the Intel Core series of processors have but they do a good job of handling most applications with ease. This laptop has about 3 GB of RAM which will ensure that your programs run smoothly without any problems. The hard drive space of 250 GB is probably the only disappointing aspect of this laptop. This shouldn’t be a problem as you can always upgrade storage space or buy an external hard drive. The big surprise with this 15.4 inch laptop is the presence of a dedicated video card in the ATI Radeon Mobility HD 3200. Overall it is a great laptop for use on the go.

With laptops these days, connectivity is a big issue. Wi-Fi networks are never usually free and having to be reliant on them restricts your portability. But now you have laptops which come with 4G connectivity which allows you to access the internet from wherever you are. Among the notebooks 4g Dell XPS 15 would be a great choice. This 15 inch laptop comes with the choice of second generation Intel Core i7 and i5 processors which will handle most applications with ease. It features about 6 GB of RAM and about 750 GB hard drive. The 4G connectivity is offered here by AT&T which should keep you connected at high speeds all the time.

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