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As a teenager and many years after that as well I was a sufferer of acne and acute amount of pimples. For several years of working hard on them, I finally got rid of them when I was almost 30 years of age. However to my disappointment I was left with several scars on my face and an occasional outburst of acne too now and then.After trying multiple products today I am very excited to tell you that my face is clear and glowing. It is only due to two products that I give my entire credit too. These two products are the secret to my clear skin-

  • Skin care Argan oil: The Argan Oil is actually an origin from the Moroccan Argan tree and is one of the rarest oils in the world. I must tell you that it can be used from head to toe whether it is on your hair, nails and skin. I bet you have heard about argan oil for revitalization of hair but I am sure you have never heard of how miraculously it works on skin and even brittle nails.

All it needs is a couple of drops of oil before you go to sleep to be applied on your face to say goodbye to acne. All the blemishes that I always cried about also went in a couple of months. Did you know you could use it in cases of wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation too?

  • Acne ceuticals serum kit: The deep healing that this acne kit can do is absolutely magical. It combats and removes acne ceuticals serum kitthe toxins and bacteria from below the skin surface. In fact the surrounding immune system also gets strengthened. While I used it for acne, for ones who suffer from Rosacea can also benefit from it too.

Say goodbye to acne and welcome glowing skin!

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