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small dog cycling backpack, cat backpack carrier

When a dog lover has a small puppy, it just won’t do to keep him at home all the time.  You want to take him out with you so you can show his cute little face off to the entire world.  The problem with small dogs especially is that you do not always want to have them walk around on a leash, as they can easily get hurt – particularly in crowded places or where there are lots of cars – because young dogs are curious creatures and not always the most coordinated.

So what to do?

A small dog cycling backpack is just what you need to take your dog with you anywhere you go while keeping him close enough to make sure he’s safe.  Don’t let them name fool you, products like these are not just for cyclists with pets, most of these backpacks can be used just as effectively for someone who’s walking.

Take a look, for example, at the Travel Pet Carrier/Backpack with Wheels.  You can put it on your back while your ride your bike or roll it alongside you as you walk.  On top of that, it is very well ventilated so you can rest assured that your pet will stay cool and comfortable.  Also, cat lovers will be pleased to know that this pet carrier can serve as a cat backpack carrier too, designed to work for felines as well as it does for canines – no pet left behind!

This summer when you are about to leave your house and your dog is giving you those irresistible puppy-dog eyes, you can give him what he wants.  Put him in a pet carrier and take him with you.  Just remember to take some treats and some extra water for him as it promises to be a hot summer out there.

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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