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There are times when having an electrical fence becomes mandatory. These are especially required if you live near the woods and raccoons and other pests are regular visitors. Or at times when most of the neighbors have gone for a holiday and you need some additional safety with the block being almost vacant.

A solar electric fence is a one-stop solution for all of these problems. Since the fence operates on solar energy, it really helps you cut down on electricity bills, especially if the fence encircles a huge area. Here are a few products that you will find handy in this reference-

1. Adjustable Solar Electric fence controller

This product uses the sun to power an electric fence makes and really makes a lot of sense in remote locations. The solar fencer has the potential to electrify 3 to 5 miles of single-strand fencing wire. The solar panels are adjustable and capture more solar power at a concentrated location.

These fences have been especially to keep only animals restricted to a specific area by emitting an electrical shock. Do not worry, they are not cruel and will not kill animals. The copper terminal posts are marked red (positive) and black (negative) to ensure quick and easy hook-up. It is compliant with impact-resistant housing and features a rechargeable 4.5-Amp hour and 6-volt lead-acid battery

2. Solar fence charger

Along with the solar fence, you also need a solar fence charger for emergencies like when it is cloudy or during storms. The Dare solar fence charger helps you get the much needed fence power at an economical price.

The solar charged battery operated power system helps to control up to 40 acres of fencing for clean single wire fences. The 1 joule solar charger is made of black plastic and steel and outperforms 110 Volt energizers rated at 10 miles.

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