Solar powered solutions for your backyard


solar powered lanterns

When it comes landscaping and yard planning, one important aspect is often overlooked: lighting. Proper lighting plays two notable roles in your landscaping: First, it helps keep your property safe as it serves as a deterrent to thieves. Also, the lighting will help you and your family to navigate the yard without tripping in the dark. Secondly, excellent lighting will make your yard look fantastic at during the evening and night hours, letting you show off your yards features in the dark and making sure you get to enjoy yard whenever you please. But with traditional lighting ratcheting up your energy bill, it is time to take a look at some great solar powered solutions to light up you yard.

Solar powered lanterns

Lanterns are one of the most classic styles of lighting you can find. Due to its popularity, the lantern was one of the first outdoor lighting fixtures to receive the solar powered treatment. These lanterns employ a solar panel to charge during the daytime to be used during the evening and night. Since it powers itself, your energy bill remains untouched. The only negative the is associated with solar lighting is that it can sometimes have lower light intensity and not light up a yard as well as traditional lighting.

Solar garden lighting

When it comes to garden lighting, more traditional looking lighting fixtures work but due to the uniqueness of gardens, this space allows you to seek out inventive solar lighting alternatives. Enter the wild grass solar garden lights. These one foot tall natural-looking grass shaped lights are great for lighting up a path in your garden and bled in naturally during the day. With only 8 hours in the sun you get 6 hours of light from these LED fiber-optic strands.

Now that you have a couple starting points for solar powered solutions, be sure to check it out fully and see if converting your outdoor lighting to solar is a good fit for your home.

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